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Frequently Asked About Topics

Please have a look through frequently asked about topics below. If we haven’t fully answered your questions, please reach out to Rob@turkeldesign.com — he’s always happy to help.

Our Process: Modifying a Standard Design

Here’s how we deliver a distinctive, modern, customized design to suit your site, your budget and your lifestyle, wherever you are…

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Our Process: Designing a Custom Home

So, you have looked at all of our house designs, you like the look and feel of them and would love to live in “a house like that”—but none of the homes seem quite right for you, and you cannot imagine how any of them could be modified to fit your particular situation. You might best be served by having us work with you to design a completely custom solution…

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Prefab: Predictable Price, Time, and Quality

You may be wondering why we build our houses in factories, as a series of panels and pre-cut components, rather than in the conventional way. One reason is that factory-building ensures more precision. But perhaps more importantly, factory-building ensures more predictability. Let us explain what that means for you…

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Prefab: Panelized vs Modular

People often ask us why we prefabricate our houses as panels rather than in large modules. Let us first be sure that we are clear on what we are talking about. In both modular and panelized prefabrication, a large part of the house is built in a factory…

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How Much Does It Cost?

The answer to “How much does it cost?” involves a number of factors. Let’s walk through them, step by step…

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How Can I Visit One of Your Homes?

We understand how valuable it can be to visit one of our homes in-person in order to personally experience the atmosphere and feeling that results from one of our designs. To make this possible, we regularly host open houses in the spring and fall at various TD projects across the US and Canada…

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