Turkel Design

Windermere House

Windermere House - Columbia Valley, BC

Custom Design

This family home with soaring rooflines was designed to bring in views of its picturesque setting from every room. To create a sense of intrigue, we used a technique we call “here and there”—the ability to see other occupiable spaces from various positions throughout the home. The loft, currently used as a home office, looks down to the great room below and across to the private landing of the guest suite, allowing for 280-degree views through the clerestory windows.

The exterior is clad with a unique combination of cedar-wood siding and bluestone veneer on the main level, and metal panels with standing seams up above. To account for the region’s snowfall, we designed an open-joint rainscreen, cedar-cladding detail, and an inclined roof that drains water to one central location.

Turkel Design manufactures, delivers, and assembles each of our homes, and we are happy to work with you to customize a design from our extensive library. The photos and prefab package for this particular home we designed were provided by Lindal Cedar Homes.