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TD by Region

TD by Region

We design and deliver homes all over the world - take a look at the map below to see all the places we’ve worked so far. For more information on select projects, click on the orange dots.


Explore select projects from each region below:

Eastern USA

We’re taking you to one of two houses we’ve designed and delivered on Martha’s Vineyard, where a customized version of our Axiom 2790 is ready for its closeup. Soon, we’ll be launching a video of this home that will illustrate our construction process and show you exactly what happens on-site—from prefab package delivery to completed home. See more of this project here


Hello from our yearly Turkel Design off-site retreat, where we visited one of our newest projects outside of Boston. Set in a bucolic suburb within Middlesex County, Massachusetts, this custom home features exposed glulam beams that extend over an open great room that looks out to expansive lake views. An existing stone wall on the site was preserved and turned into a landscape feature—embracing a piece of its history.
Visiting one of our homes after our clients have happily moved in is a moment we sincerely cherish as a practice—especially when experienced as a team.


This week’s #tdbyregion takes us to Shelter Island, New York. We designed this custom, multi-general family home on an island that can only be reached by ferry, private boat, or seaplane—making prefab and its efficient delivery the optimal choice. The airy great room—ideal for large family gatherings—completely opens up to the natural beauty of the island through large accordion doors and clerestory windows, letting natural light stream into the space.


We’re coming to you from Chattahoochee Hills, GA, where our Serenbe House was featured on Atlanta Design Festival’s MA! Architecture Tour in May of 2018. This energy-efficient home in the sustainable Serenbe community is built to EarthCraft House Program standards and features an inclined butterfly roof that harvests rainwater for on-site irrigation to dramatic effect. See more of this project here.

We’re heading to the East Coast for a pit stop in Palisades, New York, a hamlet just west of the Hudson River and 25 miles north of New York City. The stunning post-and-beam structure is highlighted throughout the design, which also features a deck, roof deck, and an array of expansive windows—all oriented to maximize the views of this dramatic site. Moving inside, the exposed beams and wood-burning stone fireplace bring natural warmth and texture to the bright, open living space. 

Located two hours from NYC this house was conceived of as a “loft-in-the-country”, and features broad expanses of glass and a large open great room plan with views to the Catamount ski area to the south.  As a private retreat for family and friends, it contains four en-suite rooms each with private outdoor space all sharing the open great room area.

This home was designed as a low-energy structure, incorporating passive solar design features such as open exposure to the south to allow deep light penetration in the winter, as well as solar shades and overhangs to shield the house from summer overheating.  The home incorporates geothermal heating and cooling, and it situated to take full advantage of natural ventilation and outdoor living.


This home was designed for a gated community in Hillsborough, NC where local covenants require homes to be of no less than 5000 square feet.  Although in keeping with this wasteful rule, the design attempts to be as environmentally conscious as possible.  The form of the house is excavated from a very simple shape, thereby reducing the surface area-to-volume ratio as much as possible.  Instead of rambling, the home is comprised of three stacked floor plates, the lowest of which is settled into the slope and sheltered by the earth, further reducing the amount of surface and giving an impression from the street of a much smaller home. 

 Of the various design principles at work in this house one of the most noticeable is the ‘here and there’ factor; where from almost any part of the house there is a view to another. These diagonal connections throughout the house enliven the simple orthogonally configured space.

With beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, this home sits on an unconventional site, high on the ridge of a narrow ancient sand dune in Indiana. The extremely steep slope of the site necessitated that the main body of the house be only 18 ft wide, which resulted in a long narrow elevated home above the treetops


Western USA

For this TD by Region, follow us to Mill Valley, California where we designed a completely custom home and modified an Axiom 3250 for two particularly steep adjoining lots. Sitting about 10 miles north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, this area is known to be one of the most difficult regulatory environments in the country—a challenge that we happily took on.


We’re taking you to the heart of Silicon Valley. This rendering of a modified courtyard house we designed for a young family in Mountain View, California realizes a hallmark of our designs—creating a natural flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Expansive glass doors open the living room to an airy courtyard, flooding the interior with natural light. 

The courtyard has been re-interpreted as a space half within the home, and half outside. This gesture is made possible by the use of a 21 foot retractable wall of glass. This major space of the home can therefore be free to act as a living area that is both simultaneously indoors and out – spanning the full width of the site and giving the impression of a much larger site.


After the devastating firestorm in Northern California, thousands of residents across the region are looking for simple ways to rebuild—and are in need of solutions they can count on in this difficult time of recovery. We are working with a number of clients in the Santa Rosa area to rebuild using our prefabricated system and defined design capabilities. Because they are modifying one of our existing  Axiom Series designs, we know how long it will take to assemble and what it will cost to deliver a high-quality home that's designed specifically for that site. Watch this video about an Axiom 2390 we are currently building for a client in Santa Rosa.


The Gambier Island House in British Columbia, based on our Axiom 2350 and modified to suit its challenging site, is perched on a steep hillside of fir trees on a remote island overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Special delivery: we shipped the materials directly to the site by barge. See more of this project here


The West Vancouver house was designed to maximize abundant rainfall—gathering rain water and funneling it into a Zen garden below. The result is a custom wood-clad home with carefully considered angles and beautiful, clean lines. See more of this project here.


We’re heading to the Windermere House we designed in Columbia Valley, British Columbia. Looking out to peaceful views of its picturesque setting, this post-and-beam house boasts soaring rooves and is clad with a unique combination of cedar-wood siding and bluestone veneer on the main level, and standing seam metal panels on the upper level. See more of this project here.


We’re taking you to the Bahamas, to an incredible island home currently under assembly just a stone’s throw from the crystal-clear water’s edge. No matter how remote or tricky the site is, our prefab method guarantees a level of quality that is very difficult and, in cases like this, impossible to achieve with traditional construction methods. Once the prefab package reached the island, the panels and building components had already been carefully prepared in a climate-controlled environment and primed for assembly upon arrival. Stay tuned to see this island home come together.