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Dwell at Axiom Desert House - Pt. 3 by 22 Waves

After having built over 100 prefabricated homes for various clients across the globe, Joel and Meelena Turkel’s latest project has held significant meaning for the couple, as they’ve spent the last two years diligently working on their own prefab family residence. Yet now that the 2,110-square-foot abode has been completed (and was featured at Palm Springs Modernism Week 2019), the founders of the celebrated firm Turkel Design are finally able to start settling in.

Inspired by midcentury-modern architecture and an easy, breezy, open-air lifestyle, the Axiom Desert House embodies the beauty of prefab living to the core. Here, the founders of Turkel Design take us inside their new family abode. Click here for the full article.


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Finished Homes

Muskoka Cottage

Designed to capture and celebrate magnificent lake views from the moment of arrival onward, the Muskoka Cottage is wide open on both sides, with expansive windows, an open floor plan, and two 24-foot-wide retractable walls of glass that tuck into pockets-connecting the space with its natural surroundings and elevating one among the tree canopy.

Serenbe House

This spectacular modern home in the Grange section of Serenbe embraces eco-friendly, innovative design inspired by nature. Featured on the cover of Atlanta Home magazine accompanied by a full article, it was immaculately designed according to environmental sustainability principles by Turkel Design. The stunning all-wood home is composed of red cedar with mahogany trim.


Customizing Axiom Houses

Santa Rosa Axiom 2390 Modification

Canadian Axiom 2350 Modification

Florida Modified Axiom 2110


Ocean-Front Axiom 2340 Modification


Axiom Desert House

Dwell at Axiom Desert House - Pt. 2 by 22 Waves

A manifestation of exquisite, thoughtful design, the kitchen in the prefabricated Axiom Desert House embodies rich indoor/outdoor connections, enabling a superb setting for memorable entertaining. Click here for the full article: https://www.dwell.com/article/palm-springs-kitchen-features-easy-indoor-outdoor-living-8d536b4c

Dwell at Axiom Desert House - Pt. 1 by 22 Waves

Voluminous, versatile, and incredibly chic-the kitchen in the Axiom Desert House has been thoughtfully designed to serve as a multidimensional stage for personal expression and social gatherings. Click here for the full article: https://www.dwell.com/article/palm-springs-axiom-desert-house-by-turkel-design-and-dacor-d9dff23c

Interactive 3D Tour of Axiom Desert House

Check out this sneak peek of our brand new interactive, self-guided 3D tour, where you can explore the entire Axiom Desert House at your convenience. Walk through the modern oasis from front to back—pausing, turning, and zooming in where you like—or jump between spaces via the floor plan feature. -Take the full tour here: bit.ly/axiomdeserthouse-3D


Axiom Desert House - Construction Timelapse

Watch Axiom Desert House come to life! This modified version of our Axiom 2110 will soon be the home of our founders Joel and Meelena Turkel, as well as a Living Lab for our practice—exploring the benefits of prefab in high-end design. After the foundation was poured by our local builder, we delivered the prefab package and our crew assembled the panelized shell in four weeks—followed by the window installation (3 days) and lift-and-slide doors (4 days). It took a total of 32 working days to go from delivery to weathertight structure.

Manufacturing, Delivery, & Assembly

Watch as our founders Joel and Meelena Turkel bring you an overview of the progress we’ve made so far at Axiom Desert House in Palm Springs—revealing a behind-the-scenes look at our process, from manufacturing the prefab components in our factory to delivering and assembling the package on-site.

Axiom Desert House Site & Design

Watch our founders Joel and Meelena Turkel take you through the initial phases of Axiom Desert House, stepping you through this collaborative part of the process, including finding a site, selecting a design, pricing, and documentation.


Introducing Axiom Desert House

Turkel Design founders Joel and Meelena talk about the Axiom Desert House, their custom systems-built home and Living Lab that’s currently being realized in Palm Springs. Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram (@turkeldesign) for process updates, and drop us a line at info@turkeldesign.com to join the TD community for more behind-the-scenes footage and updates.

Axiom 2110 Walkthrough

Take a walk through the Axiom 2110, a celebrated design in our Axiom Series. A modified version of this model – the Axiom Desert House – is currently being realized in Palm Springs by our founders, Joel and Meelena Turkel, as their family home and Living Lab for Turkel Design and our partners. Inspired by midcentury-modern design and an open-air desert lifestyle, the 2,100-square-foot home features our signature post-and-beam construction and an open great room that breezes out to a private courtyard.