Turkel Design



Though the permit process seems daunting, we are here to guide you through it and provide everything needed to ensure a smooth approval. Every city, town, or village has different requirements, and we are proud to say we have successfully worked with some of the most challenging committees and building codes out there.


Permit Documents

We create a comprehensive set of drawings and specifications for your local building department to review, including plans, elevations, sections, framing plans, and specifications.


Consultant Coordination

Depending on your site, project scope, and regulatory environment, it may be required to work with various consultants such as engineers, landscape designers, and permit expediters. We will coordinate this communication.


Permit Application

Once we’ve compiled the necessary documents, they are submitted to your local building permit office. We are available to address any code officials' requests for clarification of our drawings and specifications. Once we receive feedback from the local code official, we make any necessary revisions—providing clarifying details if needed.