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FAQ Our Process: Modifying a Standard Design


Our Process: Modifying a Standard Design

Here’s how we deliver a distinctive, modern, customized design to suit your site, your budget and your lifestyle, wherever you are:
Site Analysis and Program Development
We begin with a topographical survey of your site, which we turn into a three-dimensional computer model. Then we outline the spaces that you would like your home to include.  With a good understanding of your site and your spatial needs we will guide you through our library of standard designs to choose the Axiom home that best suits you.  Then, we’ll nestle a 3D model of that house into the model of your site.  
Design Modifications
Using these computer models as a starting point, we will design with you, making the modifications that will customize the house to suit your specific needs and desires.  Do you need another bedroom or some studio space? Would you like to make sure to capture the view to those mountains? Does your site require that your house be built on piers? These houses have been designed with customization in mind.
You will take part in the design process online: your computer screen will match ours, so you can watch and talk to us as we review the spaces of your house and the land around it. We will go through this several times, each time addressing finer details, and basing our modifications on your input. While we’re doing this, you’ll also be working with us to choose the exterior cladding for your house, to design all the cabinetry to be built into your home, and to select interior fixtures, finishes and furnishings. Now comes one of the key parts to our process. 
The construction of your house will be divided into two parts. One will be the basic shell of your house: exterior walls and structural beams, floors and roofs, windows and doors, and interior walls. This is what we will prefabricate in one of our factories, the whole shell being built as panels and pre-cut components that we will ship to your site and have assembled by an experienced framing crew.

On-Site Construction
The other of the two parts will be everything else, and that will be done by a contractor in your area. Your contractor will build your home’s foundation, upon which we then erect the panels and components we’ve built in the factory. Once that’s done, the contractor will have a weather-tight shell to work in and on. He’ll follow our detailed construction documents to install insulation, roofing, and the exterior cladding we supply; to put in all the mechanical services and plumbing fixtures; to build the interior walls and cover them with drywall; and to install the cabinetry we will have built in our factory. Your contractor will do everything needed to get the house ready for you to move in. 
If this process interests you, come back to us with more questions. We feel that there is no more fulfilling experience than designing and building a house. We’d very much like to have that experience with you. 
Please give us a call at 617.868.1867 or send us an email at info@turkeldesign.com, and we can help get you started.

If you would like any other information about our process or what we offer,  please visit our FAQ overview page