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TD by Region

Because we design, deliver, and oversee assembly of homes all over the world, we launched our TD by Region series, taking you to projects in some of our favorite places. Click here to see where we have stopped so far, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where we go next.


Prefab as a Solution For Rebuilding Santa Rosa

After the devastating firestorm in Northern California, thousands of residents across the region are looking for simple ways to rebuild—and are in need of solutions they can count on in this difficult time of recovery. We are working with a number of clients in the Santa Rosa area to rebuild using our prefabricated system and defined design capabilities. Because they are modifying one of our existing  Axiom Series designs, we know how long it will take to assemble and what it will cost to deliver a high-quality home that's designed specifically for that site. If you or someone you know are looking for a simpler way to rebuild, please get in touch with us  here. And make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our projects in the area.

Watch this video about an Axiom 2390 we are currently building for a client in Santa Rosa.

Axiom Desert House

If you follow us on our social media channels, you may have seen the development of Axiom Desert House in Palm Springs, a Turkel Design Living Lab and family home for our founders Joel and Meelena Turkel. Click here to see the progress we have made, along with the photography and videos we have created along the way that take you through the process.