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FAQ How Much Does It Cost?


How Much Does It Cost?

The answer to “How much does it cost?” involves a number of factors. Let’s walk through them, step by step.

First note that the cost of your home will depend on the finishes and specifications you select, where you will be building, and how much you choose to modify the design—if you are starting with one of our standard models. Turkel Design homes start at $850,000.
Acquiring Land
Your first expense will obviously be the cost of purchasing a site to build your house on. If you do not yet have a property, we have put together a nation-wide network of reputable land agents, all of them with a deep knowledge of properties in their regions. Please let us know if you would like our help—there is no cost to you for this service.  
Design Services and Soft Costs
Your next expense will be for our design services. If you have chosen to use one of our Axiom plans as the basis for the design of your home, this fee will be around $30,000. If your needs require the design of a completely custom design, the cost will range from $80,000 to $200,000. Whichever way you choose, we will guide you through the design process and produce a 3D model that completely describes the house you want. The 3D model enables us to give you a quote for the prefab package and procure pricing from local contractors for the portion done locally.  

Bear in mind that other soft costs may come up during the design phase. Your site will need to be surveyed, and if your site is especially complex, we may want to call upon outside consultants. There will also be costs for building permits, these will vary depending on the sensitivity of the areas where you will be building. 
Prefab Package
The prefab package that we supply includes everything required for the construction and assembly of the weather-tight shell of your home (permit drawings, structural engineering, Building Information Modeling, shop drawings, logistics coordination, etc). The shell itself will include exterior walls and structural beams, floors and roofs, windows and doors, and interior walls.

We will construct the shell in one of our factories, the whole structure being built as panels and pre-cut components, which we will ship to your site and have assembled. We will also supply built-in cabinetry, exterior cladding and trim, and interior finishes, fixtures and furnishings.

On-Site Construction
The portion of the build which occurs on-site will include everything else, and that will be done by a local contractor. Your contractor will put in your home’s foundation, and then our crew will erect the panels and components we have built in the factory. Once the shell is weather-tight, your contractor will use our detailed construction documents to finish the home using locally acquired materials, and install the products provided in our package. This on-site work will also include the installation of all the mechanical services, plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring and fixtures, as well as insulation, drywall, and trim work. Your contractor will do everything needed to get the house ready for you to move in. 
Construction Costs
So, what will this construction cost you? The price will vary, of course, depending on the size and complexity of your house, along with the types of finishes you’ve chosen. Until we learn more about your specific project, let’s talk about the price in terms of a per square foot  range. 

The price for construction documentation, engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and erecting the shell of a home will range between $150 and $250 per square foot. Your contractor will charge you a similar $150 to $250 per square foot to buy the materials and do the work of fitting-out your house.  

To get a sense of a final construction cost, you might start with one of our Axiom designs: its “name” is its approximate square footage, so just multiply that number by the figures above.   Please bear in mind, though, that in no case should you count on the combined price of our manufacturing and the contractor’s work being under $800,000. 
You might be thinking that this is a big range. It is indeed—and necessarily so, given all the factors at play. But our work with you will begin by identifying a budget for your project, and we will guide you throughout our process by providing you with the information you need to make the decisions that will keep your house within that budget. 
Building Site Preparation and Landscaping
The costs of site work and landscaping can range substantially based on the type of site that you have in mind for your project and the degree to which you would like to modify it. There may be very little work needed to prepare your site for building (the removal of a few trees, for example). Or your site might require a lot of prep-work: the removal of an existing structure, extensive excavation and grading, building a septic system, or bringing-in water and other services.  

In terms of landscaping, a few hundred dollars would pay for a simple spreading of grass-seed and hay. But if you are looking to install pools, retaining walls, patios, steps, plantings and outdoor kitchens, the cost might grow to several hundred thousand dollars.  

Based on your budget, the home that you choose and the particularities of your site, we will help you identify the most appropriate strategies for preparing your site for your new home and for nestling your home into your site. 
Project Cost
So, let’s summarize: To arrive at a total price for your entire building project, you will have to add up the following:    

  • The price of the property itself

  • The fee for our design services (around $30,000 for modifying a standard design)

  • Any other soft costs your project might require

  • The prefab package we supply ($150 to $250 per square foot)

  • The work of your local building contractor ($150 to $250 per square foot)

  • The costs of preparing your site and landscaping it

That is a lot to take in—but we can guide you through it.

Please give us a call at 617.868.1867 or send us an email at info@turkeldesign.com, and we can help get you started.

If you would like any other information about our process or what we offer,  please visit our FAQ overview page