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FAQ Getting Started: Acquiring Land


Getting Started: Acquiring Land

We know that the process of buying land for a home-site can seem daunting. Issues like geological and seismic concerns, flood-plains, easements and zoning make buying raw land quite different from buying a house on a developed lot. But we have a program to put you in touch with skilled land agents who can guide you through the process, from start to finish. 
We work with the most reputable agents in many of the localities across the United States and Canada. Plus, our agents are all members of the Multiple Listing Service, in which agents in an area agree to give each other access to their listings, in exchange for sharing their fees. Thus, by contacting one agent, you’ll be able to see a whole host of properties on offer from many, many agents. With all that accumulated knowledge about what’s for sale in your region, and an experienced land agent to shepherd you through the details, you are certain to find the property best suited to your desires and your budget. Plus, bear in mind that since it is the seller who typically pays the commissions on a sale, you as a buyer will encounter no costs or fees when using one of our agents. 
We would be happy to put you in touch with an agent in your area. Please give us a call at 617.868.1867 or send us an email at info@turkeldesign.com, and we can help get you started.

If you would like any other information about our process or what we offer,  please visit our FAQ overview page