Turkel Design

Gambier Island House

Gambier Island House - Gambier Island, BC, Canada

Custom Design

Sitting atop a steep hillside of fir trees overlooking the Sound below, the Gambier Island House is a cedar-and-glass home whose challenging location required us to ship the materials to the site by barge, followed by a particularly precise siting.

The wide open living space shares breathtaking views and natural light with the kitchen, dining room, and loft—with seamless flow between indoors and out, thanks to large lift-and-slide doors.  In order to extend use throughout the seasons, we created a partially covered deck, hovering among the trees.

Embracing the region’s heavy rainfall, we designed the main roof to channel rainwater to one location where it spills from a scupper—increasing our clients’ connection to their site, and creating a spectacle to be watched and heard.

Turkel Design manufactures, delivers, and assembles each of our homes, and we are happy to work with you to customize a design from our extensive library. The photos and prefab package for this particular home we designed were provided by Lindal Cedar Homes.