Turkel Design

Delivery & Assembly

Delivery & Assembly

When the foundation is ready, we deliver your systems-built package to your site via truck to be assembled by an experienced crew. Walls arrive as panels, floor and roof structures come as components, and windows and doors are ready to install.



Using panels instead of modules, we flat-pack the components on a conventional flat-bed truck for efficient shipping—conserving travel time, fuel, and site disturbance. If necessary, we can divide the shipments into small packages to be delivered to even the most remote site.



Once the package arrives on-site, a framing crew assembles the weather-tight shell much faster and with more precision than with conventional construction. Since the shell is erected in large sections and the structural components are pre-cut to length, the work can be carried out in less-than-ideal weather, allowing us to build in regions with short building seasons, and assure neighbors of less noise disturbance.


The Structure

With the shell assembled, your general contractor can now work in a weather-tight environment, following our detailed construction documents to install insulation and roofing; put in all mechanical services and plumbing and electrical fixtures; cover the interior walls with drywall; and install the cabinetry, exterior cladding, and flooring that we supply. See what is included in our standard prefab package here.