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Axiom Series

Axiom 1850

Axiom 2110

Axiom 2340

Axiom 2350


Axiom 2390

Axiom 2450

Axiom 2610

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Axiom 2750

Axiom 2790

Axiom 3250


Axiom Series

Launched in 2014, and exclusively selected for the Dwell Prefab program as part of our 10-year partnership between Turkel Design and Dwell Media, the Axiom Series consists of 11 standard designs that can be built as is, or customized to suit your needs. Each of the homes is designed with a prefabricated panelized building system that integrates smart design, resource conservation, energy efficiency, and a predictable building process.

The ready-to-assemble building components are packaged for shipping efficiency and delivered to sites worldwide, where an experienced installation crew provides on-site assembly services for the weather-tight shell. The package includes pre-cut, architectural-grade Douglas fir beams, wood-frame, aluminum-clad windows, factory-assembled walls, floor and roof panels, cabinetry, and a variety of interior and exterior finishes.