Turkel Design

ADH - Solar Panels System

Program Development & Schematic Design

While the cantilevered roof is a sight to see on its own, it also serves various important functions—some of which will allow us to achieve net-zero energy. As shown in the second and third photos captured by 22 Waves for Dwell, the roof directly above the great room’s footprint is carefully lined with a photovoltaic system made up of 36 solar panels from Hot Purple Energy, which also acts as a cooling mechanism by shading the reflective roof membrane sitting just a few inches below it. We also carefully designed the roof overhangs to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the windows during the hot summer months. Everything has a purpose!

Photo 1 by Chase Daniel, photo 2 and 3 by 22 Waves for Dwell

Ping-pong table by RS Barcelona, pool and spa by Teserra Outdoors, landscape by Randy G Myers and Nurseries, lighting design by Tirschwell & Co. Lighting Design