Option 2

Modify a Standard Design

Modifying a standard plan offers design flexibility coupled with predictability and control.

If one of our house-designs has features that suit you and your site, we can modify it until it matches your desires perfectly.

The design process will begin once we decide which fixed-fee design service is right for you. We will have a series of interactive, online meetings with you during which we will fly through the 3D model of your house on the site. We will stretch and pull and shift the spaces of your new home until we get it just right. Once we’ve agreed on a design, we’ll proceed as in Option 1:

Together, we will choose the finishes – siding, flooring, cabinetry, etc - for the house using the interactive 3D model online. Once that’s done, we will prepare working drawings showing every detail of the house and site. We will use those drawings to work up a fixed price for producing and erecting the panelized, weathertight shell of your house. We will take those plans to a contractor in your area, who will give you a price for the site work and the foundation, and for all the work needed to add the mechanical services, interior walls, and all the finishes. Don’t worry, we can help you find and vet two contractors, so that you have competitive bids.

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll build the shell in a factory and erect it on your contractor’s foundation. Your contractor will then use our working drawings to finish your home and get it ready for you to move in.

View our standard designs.